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First pictures of Pixel Qi 3qi screen

by mary_lou_jepsen on May 28th, 2009

First picture of 3qi screen

By popular demand here is the first picture of our new screen. In the above picture, two 3qi screens are shown side-by-side: one of our screens is in full color saturation with its backlight on, the other of our screens is shown in its epaper mode with backlight off. These screens will be available this fall in netbooks and ebook readers. Size: 10.1″ diagonal.

Mary Lou

PS: I’ve had many requests for a peak at the 3qi screen outdoors: I took the snapshot below yesterday, on my iphone (sorry, it’s just not a great camera) outside in the hot tropical sun. The laptop is on top of a shrub. Apologies for the glare from the metal bezel of the screen; this will of course be covered up in a real product. Nonetheless, we think its a stunning screen.

3qi screen outside

more information at

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  1. mitch permalink

    Yay! I’d love to see a picture of e-paper mode in sunlight.

  2. mitch permalink

    Also, I’ve been wondering if these displays would benefit from having support for their subpixel layout at the software layer in the rasterizers (like cairo, the rasterizer used by Firefox and a lot of linux apps).

    Does this display have something like OLPC’s DCON/swizzling? Even if it does, I have to think that teaching the rasterizer about your funky subpixel layout would give you nicer-looking output.

  3. I keep wondering… Will there be bigger formats as well?

    I’d regard a 12″ sunlight readable screen on a netvertible the perfect reader for the scientific ebooks I use for my study. These are partly A4-formatted and thus I wouldn’t REALLY want to read them at 10″. Not to mention it would, combined with Nvidia ION, make a net/notebook I would prefer even for gaming (outdoors, in summer – its not even fun with current non-glare screens) because I barely see a chance to get any better performance from a fully featured notebook, that doesn’t surpass 12″ screen size/2kg weight. Though it didn’t sound as if such divices were considered possible fields of application for your screens, were they?

    By the way, I didn’t actually get the point on what way touch features might be supported.

  4. sola permalink

    Could we learn about the resolutions in colour and epaper mode?

  5. brecklundin permalink

    Can’t wait for news on if we can get bare displays to replace existing displays in our laptops. I am hoping so…would love to replace the display in my 17″ laptop to better handle outdoor conditions so I can work on my deck or in the park.

  6. okeribok permalink

    Hurray! And it’s matte too! When can I buy this?

  7. nathany permalink

    Thanks for posting pictures… looking forward to future products and learning how they compare to E-Ink.

  8. jrronimo permalink

    Looks absolutely gorgeous. :D I can’t wait to either buy a netbook with these in it or upgrade one, if that’s something that can be done. :)

  9. beeseeehl permalink

    Does the e-book mode compromises refresh rate? Will the GUI of my operating system run smoothly as with traditional LCD displays or should I expect a bit of slowdown, as with elecrophoretic screens when flipping book pages?

  10. macrumpton permalink

    It looks like the image on the sunlight pic is MacPaint. Am I crazy?
    BTW it looks great! What is the power consumption in epaper mode compared to standard mode?

  11. johansosa permalink

    Unanswered questions (in order of importance to me):

    1. What does it cost (approximately)?

    2. What’s the pixel response time (in color mode)?

    3. What’s the resolution of the color mode (which is what i’ll be using)?

    4. Is the technology currently suitable/scalable for larger formats such as HDTV screen sizes 55 inch etc (if not, why)?

    5. What’s the color gamut?

  12. Jose permalink

    Will it run on Linux?

    I mean, does it need some kind of complex communication-driver between the kernel and the screen or it will work without modifications easily?

  13. Jose permalink

    Oh, one last question, I use my screen in portrait aspect ratio instead of landscape, rotating the screen is so important for reading documents I suppose you have taken it into consideration in design, like with the XO.

    If you try to read an A4 document in landscape you lose 50%area. The problem with netbooks is the keyboard thing(I think it should be completely removed)that makes rotation dificult.

  14. johansosa permalink

    What’s the point of commenting on here when nobody at pixelqi reads it?

  15. Seem’s there is none.

  16. tomr permalink

    johansosa: they probably read the comments but don’t have time to reply. Which is ok. They should focus 100% on getting the screens to market! Many of the questions above are obviously premature and/or have been discussed on the blog and in magazine interviews with Pixel Qi already. Search and you will find.

  17. beeseeehl permalink

    Hi! .. I’ve been googling for images of OLPC in ebook mode and the pictures available on the following flickr account made me a bit concerned:

    The pictures compare side by side an OLPC and a Kindle outdoors. I wonder how better than OLPC your new 3qi display might be, because Kindle looks truly sun-readable whereas OLPC not as much. Mind you, I crave one of your 3qi’s, greyscale and all, but readability is my #1 concern

  18. nalbech permalink

    Wow, I justed enjoyed the 4 videos on
    It’s so good to see a beautiful intelligent woman speaking so enthusiastically.
    The Pixel Qi’s 3qi displays seems out of this world.
    The guy interviewing you is a real pro, he gives you time to answer his questions – which is very rare in todays world.
    The videos must be a great help for your marketing people.
    I will be one of the first to buy a product with a Pixel Qi’s 3qi display

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