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Pixel Qi Tablet Availability, DIY Screen Success and other updates

by mary_lou_jepsen on September 17th, 2010

A few quick announcements from Pixel Qi:

  • User comments on DIY kits – easy to use and well worth it
  • Pixel Qi has completed the first tranche of its Series B funding
  • 7 inch Pixel Qi screen in development now
  • Tablet availability update – with Pixel Qi Screens


Pixel Qi DIY kits are easy to install and awesome
Go to Make Magazine and order a DIY kit for your netbook. It’s easy to replace the screen, even if you aren’t a techie – the reward is both longer battery life for your netbook and crisp readability in any light – even direct sunlight. Here are a few comments from people that have done it already:

“Finally found a way to work at the beach. I was a little nervous about taking apart my netbook (never done anything like that before), but it was simple and the results couldn’t be better. Plus, my laptop now gets more than ten hours of use without charging. Well worth extra money of purchasing this display.
– A Happy User – August 2010

More Readable
When reading from the screen at night I prefer to take advantage of the reflective nature of the screen by shining a lamp straight one the screen as you would when reading a book. The reflection off the screen is not quite sufficient to read the screen comfortably this way so I turn on the backlighting ever so slightly, one or two notches up only. This way I read the screen in the transflective mode. I find this more comfortable than reading in the transmissive mode as I would on a traditional LCD computer screen. It gives me less eyestrain.
– A Happy User – September 2010

We have now fully completed our first tranche of series B finance.

New Screen Development: 7″
We are developing a 7” screen for tablets and ereaders that is planned for mass production in H1 2011. Samples will be available earlier, perhaps by late Q4 2010. Contact us to be an early access partner: send email to

Pixel Qi Tablet availability:

Tight supply chain and 100% factory usage this spring and summer coupled with Apple’s disruptive iPad effectively had a 1-2 punch impact: delaying most tablet makers from coming to market as early as they wished. The situation has eased: the supply chain is more robust and factory capacity is widely available. Many of our device makers used this downtime to refine their designs with the result being even more exciting offerings that are highly differentiated from the iPad with options well beyond ATT for carriers. These device maker partners will be making more announcements coming this fall. More information about two of our early partners is available at Innoversal and Notion Ink .
The dramatic power savings our screens offer allows much lighter devices by saving on battery weight and housing needed for battery safety. Our screens are also readable in any light even direct sunlight and are optimized for easy reading in any light and crisp text.


Finally, we will be announcing other products carrying Pixel Qi screens here in this blog; stay tuned.

- Mary Lou Jepsen

  1. mary_lou_jepsen permalink

    To Note: We aren’t really working on 7″ DIY kits. We sell the kits through Make to the public as a service, as it can take the device manufacturers a while to get into production and we don’t want you all to suffer. Indeed in order to get the fab time for our designs with the big LCD manufacturers we need to demonstrate real and credible demand for millions of 7″ units in 2011 as we have done.

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