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Another Device with Pixel Qi screens starts to ship

by mary_lou_jepsen on October 30th, 2012

Another product with a Pixel Qi screen has started to ship – We confirm here the Trimble Yuma 2 has our 7″ screen in it and it looks gorgeous. Great touch bonding and great touch responsivity. I was playing with the unit this weekend and found it impossible to run down the batteries. I threw it on the floor a lot, stood on it often, poured lots of coffee and water on it and it still looks brand new and runs like new. Take that Apple and Samsung!. More information available here.

This thing is virtually indestructible in all kinds of weather including Storm Sandy I suspect. I was planning to unveil it a Wall Street Journal event in lower Manhattan tomorrow, but the conference has been postponed the site evacuated.

We will be announcing at least a half-dozen new devices with our screens in them in the next sevreal weeks.

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