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Content Really Matters for Tablets

by mary_lou_jepsen on October 12th, 2011

This week we announced a new tablet with a company called Shi-Zhu Technologies. Shizhi is pronounced Sher-Ju and is a clever wordplay on a character combination for Bamboo and its use for paper. The Chinese word for Bamboo is Zhu (pronouced Ju).

Shi-Zhu is closely allied with, and creating a tablet for, one of China’s leading publishing and media groups called Southern Media Group. Southern Media Group ships more paper newspapers per day than The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal combined by some counts!

The Economist describes Southern Media’s Group ability to capture new newspaper markets in the state controlled media system of China quite succinctly. They say that Southern Media is doing something novel – appealing to its readers. Southern Media has been at the forefront of investigative journalism frequently breaking news on corruption scandals, with a revolving door for its top journalists – in and out of jail in China. The group have also been busy with pioneering efforts in gossip and celebrity reporting that have many glued to coverage, and eager for the next issue. The combination of the two (gossip and investigative journalism) has proven irresistible to mainstream Chinese audiences, a content combination that is powerful everywhere.

The tablet is gorgeous with a distinctly high brow Chinese aesthetic, all the content, and runs the latest Android OS. It’s long life battery and indoor/outdoor full-function screen also reduce eye strain for long-form reading especially in bright environments.

On display NOW at GITEX in Dubai

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