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CES 2011 – from a Pixel Qi perspective

by mary_lou_jepsen on January 10th, 2011

Here is a quick video from our booth at CES this week in Las Vegas – seeing is believing:

We also announced a netbook from Clover Systems called “Sunbook” that uses a Pixel Qi screen with Windows, and an Intel Atom Chipset. We debuted a netbook from Genesi running Ubuntu and using an ARM CPU. Both sport extremely long battery life, sunlight usage, and great text readability as offered by the Pixel Qi screens.

We also showed a number of tablets, some of which are already on sale. This includes the Notion Ink Adam tablet, Realease’s Shogo Tablet as well as a few others that are in development or nearing production for example the Accusee tablet from Accusee.

In addition we showed a auxiliary screen powered only by USB cable that also delivers the data to update the screen. This from Display Solutions AG in Germany with a Pixel Qi screen.

From the CES show floor it became apparent that purely Eink readers or purely LCD tablets were both missing the mark. The former lack color, speed and backlight, the latter lack crisp text, readability, long battery life and ability to use outdoors. Pixel Qi is showing a way to have both and we have brought on board some of the largest LCD manufacturers in the world to deliver this to you all in the coming months.

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