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Charbax posts some videos of our screens

by mary_lou_jepsen on June 2nd, 2009

Charbax has posted video of our screen and an interview with John Ryan (COO and VP of Sales and Marketing of Pixel Qi). Enjoy

- Mary Lou

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  1. Charbax permalink

    The HD quality should be available shortly, Youtube is still processing it. I’m re-uploading the second half of the video, the part filmed outdoors, into a separate Youtube video, which may be better for embedding on all sorts of sites. I’ll update the post within a couple of hours with the shorter outdoors part linking to the full indoors interview.

  2. *applauds* (Doesn’t stop.)

    Hope to see your device in my hands come September. :-)

  3. Hmmm… about the whiteness problem… why don’t you guys invert the coloring of the text documents? I’ve heard that reading white text on blue is the best and easiest for your eyes to interpret.

  4. Jose permalink

    @LordAida, I think they are making it right. The documents thing is another people problem, when people can access this tech , the people are going to improve that.

    I have designed my own document format for handwriting, I can change all colors I want, in my experience:

    In white conditions, bright sun, it’s easier to my eyes black over white, black over grey(or color).
    In dark conditions, like indoors at night, I really prefer black backgrounds with color (or white) over it. eg.In adobe reader you can make the background black and letters green, why? because humans are the most sensitive to green.

    I did this because in principle I thought it would be better to always change the colors, now I think it depends strongly on the lighting conditions.

  5. Jose permalink

    Mary Lou: If touch is problematic, contact wacom for a tablet using radio, I really love wacom tablets, the problem about tablet PCs was its price. Contact Mark Shuttherworth too, he talked in his block he was looking for designing a good quality laptop that worked perfect with Ubuntu. That’s exactly what he needs, and he has the resources to do it.

    Believe me handwriting and writing (using a pencil) is more natural than typing, keyboards are dead.

  6. Jose permalink

    Typo block=blog

  7. beeseeehl permalink

    “Believe me handwriting and writing (using a pencil) is more natural than typing, keyboards are dead.” Really??? However, I certainly agree that keyboards as part of GUI (IPhone) might be the next standard (Asus WePC), making physical ones obsolete; we’re missing the tactile side, I mean there seems to be a lot to be done as regards intelligent materials, able to create bas relief surfaces for our fingertips to keep track of where they are on the GUI.
    Now back to 3qi, I’m OK with its decent grayscale, refresh rate, full-motion images. That will do for me for now, but we really need to see that in full colour, don’t we? I dare say that greyish silver appearance should look whitier, for the sake of readability, but I’d rather browse and go back with some authoritative facts, I guess

  8. beeseeehl permalink

    (Last comment ever…; promised) The 3qi in full e-book mode looks like a glorified scientific calculator display; now it’s just a matter of waiting until the first models hit the stores, letting us have the 1st person experience; I hope it becomes the start of a revolution in the world of publishing and pushes libraries foward into new, never-thought-before services

  9. Jose permalink

    @beeseehi: About when Jacob Nielsen says people read slower on screens than paper(1998!!) he says computer screens must be 300 ppp like paper, the only thing is than in paper is 300 ppp black and white(you get greys using resolution killer halftonning) and in pixel qi screen is 200ppp greys.

    keyboards are dead the moment voice and handwriting recognition works. Wait some months.

  10. dlang permalink

    I have several OLPCs with this screen technology,it works very well when doing a black line on a white background, but when you try to do a think white/colored line on a black background you tend to get color artifacts along the line

    [note from Mary Lou Jepsen: the pixel qi screen is *not* the OLPC screen, and the color artifacts are gone, the reflectivity is much higher (epaper mode), the color is very saturated now, and many other improvements - so much so you really have to look at the new screen to judge it]

    another thing to remberis that in the monochrome mode it works perfectly well without a backlight, and if you have the backlight on and go into a high-brightness area, the color washes out and you are left with the monochrome image.

    overall I see significant places for both this technology and e-ink.

    e-ink works well where the display is not changing rapidly (which is in surprisingly many places), and it is the best thing possible for battery life.

    the qi display works where you need color, or need rapid display changes

    in my laptop I want a Qi display, in my e-book I want a e-paper display.

    If I try to have one device do both, it will need to sacrafice something, and how well the manufacturer juggles the tradeoff would be interesting to see.

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