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Higher resolution than we thought – the XO laptop screen

by mary_lou_jepsen on May 27th, 2008

The XO screen has been shown to be higher resolution than we thought.
Michiel Klompenhouwer from Philips Research says the color resolution is
effectively 984×738, even though strictly speaking straight division
indicates color resolution of 692×520 (this is 1/3 of 1200×900 our
black&white resolution). We have been saying for some time that the
resolution is about 800×600, but his new study shows a more exact way of
measuring perceived resolution. Michiel presented an analysis of the
our screen and other display pixel layouts at the Society for
Information Display Annual Meeting this week in Los Angeles in a talk
entitled “Comparing the Effective Resolution of Various RGB Subpixel
Layouts” SID08.

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  1. I believe Mr. Klompenhouwer is correct, although I don’t have access to his paper. It is clear that objective tests are not enough. I highly recommend the work being done at Dr. Alan Bovik’s LIVE lab at the University of Texas:

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